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Company Expansion for EnviroSolar

Enviro Solar have now firmly established themselves in the South East and are looking to provide its innovative energy saving products further afield.

We Are Specialists

Since 2007 we have introduced a number of energy saving and renewable energy products to thousands of customers throughout the UK. To ensure we maintain great value for money whilst still offering high quality systems has seen us develop our product range to include the only UK tested and manufactured Thermodynamic Solar Assisted Heat Pump, providing Hot water day and night as well as the Central Heating Management System – Advanced Series, optimising home heating systems.

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Utilising thermodynamic principles the Thermodynamic Solar Assisted Heat Pump captures energy from the air surrounding the thermodynamic panel, transferring this energy to water within the existing cylinder to efficiently and cost effectively heat domestic hot water.

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Retro fitting to your current central heating system the CHMS comprises of a complete set of products ensuring that there are no pinch points in the system with maximum water velocity without affecting the boiler. The result is that the whole surface of the radiator panel is now heated and utilised to its maximum.

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With a focus on customer service, we are one of the few renewable energy companies offering well built UK tested products with a national coverage.

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All of the products we offer are tested and manufactured in the UK

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