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Enviro Donate To 2 year Old Albie Nightingill’s Lyme Disease Treatment

In August 2015 2 year old Albie Nightingill’s from Essex was bitten by something which left a large bulls eye rash on his left cheek. We have now had 2 blood tests for Lyme disease which have both resulted in inconclusive results due to a specific antibody in his blood which is affecting results. This is now as far as our NHS treatment will take him.

For many families it is accepted that the bulls eye rash is enough for a definitive diagnosis, however Albie and his parents need to be certain to know which type of treatment he will need.

Lyme disease is a very debilitating condition which is very rare in the UK which means GP’s have very limited understanding of it.

They are hoping to have specialist blood tests and then travel to see a specialist LLMD so that they can gain a deeper insight to what is wrong with him. Lyme disease can often be treated effectively if it’s detected early on. But if it’s not treated or treatment is delayed, there’s a risk you could develop severe and long-lasting symptoms.

More information can be found at

Please help in any way you can. Albie would be grateful for any contribution. To donate please click on the link below

The parents will update you all with his treatment journey regularly on Albie’s Lyme treatment donation page.

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