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Enviro are now members of the Ombudsman service

Enviro are pleased to announce that they are now members of The Ombudsman Service, which is a voluntary alternative dispute resolution service that Enviro opted to join. Giving their customers an additional peace of mind that in the event of any dispute with the company which they are unable to resolve or they do not agree with, giving customers the right to refer their complaint to Ombudsman Services if they want to. Customers have up to 12 months to do this from the date of our deadlock letter.

The ombudsman’s role is to help to resolve complaints. The service is free to use and is independent. It has the authority to resolve complaints by requiring; an apology; an explanation of what went wrong; a practical action to be taken to correct the problem; and, a financial award. If the customer accepts the ombudsman’s decision it is binding on the company whom must put in place any remedy that is required. The customer can decline the decision if they want to and they will not be held to it or charged.

This allows customer to have a free and independent party look into any complaint which they have agreed to be bound by, before the customer has to incur the expense and delay of taking any matter to court.

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